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As much as we strive to improve our Tech skills, being part of a tech community contributes a lot in the growth because we network & learn a lot from each other 💪. Here are some communities that you can join as you continue with your tech journey:

1. Google Developer Groups

Google Developer Groups (GDGs) is one of the Biggest Developer Groups in the world with various chapters in different regions. They host Developer Festivals commonly known as #DevFest yearly where developers meet to attend or give Talks on various topics about Google Technologies like Android, Flutter, Firebase among others. Checkout some existing GDG Chapters where you can find a home in 🙂 Google Developers Community .

2. Google Developer Students Clubs

Google Developer Student Clubs are community groups for college and university students interested in Google technologies. This community helps students grow their knowledge in various technologies as they strive to build solutions targeting various businesses and local their community. Checkout various DSCs available here: Google Developer Student Clubs

3. Facebook Developer Circles

Facebook Developer Circles is a community where developers meet and share knowledge revolving around FaceBook products. Checkout the Developer Circles communities here: Facebook Developer Circles Communities.

4. Interaction Design Foundation

This is a community of UI/UX Designers where they focus on improving their Design Expertise covering best practices. They also offer UX Design courses that can help one to upgrade their skills. Check it out here: Interaction Design Community..

5. DevCenter Square

This is a community of over 2,400+ African software designers and developers collaborating, learning and working on open source and sponsored projects. Check it out here : DevCenter Square.

6. Flutter Communities

This consists of a various communities of Developers who are mostly interested in Flutter and its associated Technologies. Flutter is an SDK developed by Google and runs on multiple platforms including Mobile(Android & iOS), Web and Desktop from a single codebase. The Flutter Communities are spread all over the world. Be sure to search them on social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn to get connected to one. However you can checkout this to get connected to the main Flutter Developer Community.

7. Flutterista Community

The Flutteristas Community is a world-wide community of people whose gender identity is either female or non-binary and have an interest in the Flutter SDK. The Flutteristas have a monthly meeting which usually includes a presentation by Flutter Community members. Check it out here to be part of the Flutteristas Community.

8. Kotlin Kenya

Kotlin Kenya is a community of Kotlin enthusiastists who meet periodically to discuss topics around Kotlin. Checkout the community here.

9. Indie Hackers

This is a community of Developers who share strategies and revenue numbers behind their side projects and companies. Check it out : here

10. LambdaTest Community

This is a community of software testers . LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing platform. To be part of the community, checkout : LambdaTest Community

11. Figma Africa

This is one of the largest community of Designers across the world showcasing their members various designs and inspiration. To be part of the community, checkout : Figma Africa

12. Podii Community

This is a community of Developers with various skills set having periodical discussions on various Technologies they are using. To be part of the community, Check it out on Twitter.

13. Elixir Community

This is a community of Developers using Elixir Language in their software development. Checkout Elixir Programming Language and Elixir Kenya. to be part of the community.

14. Nairuby

This is a community of Ruby programmers and Ruby Enthusiasts. Check it out here to be part of the amazing Community.

15. Atlassian Community

This is a community of Atlassian tools lovers and Enthusiasts converging to discuss emerging topics and Technologies revolving around Atlassian Tools like Confluence, Jira, BitBucket among Others. Checkout Official Atlassian Twitter and this for various events or meetup updates.

16. Codennovation

This is a community of great leaders and mentors aimiming to empower the youth digitally through various Technologies. Check it out here.

17. AI Kenya

This is a community of Machine Learning, Data Science and Robotics Enthusiasts and Experts. They aim to enable the growth of these technologies in Kenya. Check them out here.

18. Digital Ocean Community

This is an amazing community of Developers empowering each other through various tutorials. Check them out here

19. Android254

This is a Community of Android Developers who meet to discuss various Android Technologies and Best Practices. Check it out here

20. Hackernoon

Hackernoon reflects the Technology industry with opinions and stories written by Real Tech Professionals. It covers a variety of Tech topics with interestng conversations. Check it out here

21. AWS User Group

This contains various AWS(Amazon Web Services) User Groups from all over the world, discussing Topics around AWS. Check it out here and see the community in your region that would suit you.

22. Product Tank

This is a community of Product Enthusiasts eg Product Owners, Product Managers amongst other specializations who meet to discuss various topics around Product. Check it out here to be part of the Community.

23. Product School

Product School offers trainings to Product Enthusiasts and prepares students for product management interviews to enable them expand their Proffesssional Network through access to a Private Community of Product Experts. Find out more here.

24. DigiClan Africa

This is a community of Digital Marketing Professionals and Enthusiasts who focus on training people to be better Content creators through Digital Marketing. Check it out here.

25. HackerNews

This is a social news website focusing on computer science and entreprenuership. It’s a great site to help one get connected to any catchy tech news and in turn creates an amazing community. Check out HackerNews here.

26. Hashnode

Hasnode gives you an opportunity to share thouhts in form of writing blogs and connecting with a Community. To get started, Check it out here.

27. WomenWhoCode

Women Who Code is a community of Women In Tech which Empowers women in Tech in various Tech Capacity to help them stand out. Check it out WomenWhoCode website here.

28. SheCodeAfrica

She Code Africa aims to celebrate Women In Tech across Africa in various capacity in terms of professional growth and Tech Careers. Check it out here here.

29. WomenInStem Network

Women In Stem aims to mentor Women to venture into various STEM Careers to bridge the gender parity gap in the STEM field. Checkout WomenInStem network here.

30. Rails Girls

This is a community of ladies who Do Ruby on Rails Programming who learn sketching, prototyping and basic programming. Check it out here.

31. TechQuest

TechQuest is a STEM academy whose aim is to equip young people in various capacities including introduction to computer programming, Digital Electronics, Robotics and other STEM Concepts. Check it out here

32. Liquibase Community

LiquiBase is a Database management system that helps you manage your Database changes. The Liquibase Community comprises of Liquibase users ,Liquibase Experts and Enthusisats who meet to learn and share topics around Liquibase though content creation by writing articles or creating videos or through the roundtable meetups. Checkout more about Liquibase Community here

33. SheHacksKe

SheHacks is a community of Women in CyberSecurity in Kenya whose aim is to provide women in cybersecurity and cyber security enthusiasts a platform to interact and help one another grow in the cybersec field. Check it out here.

34. Dev Careers

Dev Careers is aimed at providing upcoming Developers with necessary Skillset as they venture into their tech journey. Check it out here.

35. DevRel Collective

This is a Community of Developer Advocates, Community Managers and Evangelists whose aim is to share insights around Deveroper Relations. Check it out here

36. DailyUI

DailyUI aims to give aid to UX/UI enthusiasts on how they can be better Designers with series of Daily Design Challenges and Inspiration which sometimes have Surprise Rewards. Check it out here.

37. WomenTechMakers

WomenTechMakers is Google’s initiative that provides visilbilty, community and resources for women in Tech. Checkout WomenTechMakers Impact and mission from their official website here.

38. ReactDevsKe

This is a community of React Developers who focus on the React libraryand React Related Technologies. Check it out here.

39. eKRAAL Innovation Hub

eKRAAL is a Cybersecurity Innovation Hub whose aim is to retain, nurture and promote cyber security enthusiasts and provide guidance on how they can upskill their CyberSecurity careers. Check it out here.

40. LuxTech Academy

LuxTech Academy provides guidance and mentorship on Programming, Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Structures, Algorithms among others. Check it out here here.

41. Ladies of Lux

This is a subset of LuxTech Academy that majorly focuses on advancing on Gender Equlity,social inclusion and shared prosperity of Women in the Tech Ecosystem. Check it Out here.

42. Angular Kenya

This is a Community of Developers using Angular in their software development. They meet to discuss topics around Angular and its related technologies. Check it out here.

43. Kenya Vue Community

The Vue community comprises of Developers who are interested in the programming language. They meet to discuss topics around VueJS and its related topics. Check it out here here.

44. TensorFlow Nairobi Community

This is a community of Tensorflow experts and enthusiasts who are interested in davancing their Tensorflow knowledge. Check it out here

45. Stackoverflow Community

Finaaally,the renown StackOverflow :). Stakoverflow Community is a community where developers share content through writing or videos and not leaving behind asking and answering code Questions. Check it out here.

These are are some of the Tech Communities that you can find a home in 🙂. Might not have captured every single Tech community, but don’t hesitate to add your community in our past Twitter thread that you feel should be captured.

Thank you 😍!

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